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26 April 2016

Grodno Oblast looking forward to All-Belarusian People’s Congress

Grodno Oblast is approaching the 5th All-Belarusian People’s Congress with good performance indicators in agribusiness. Good performance will allow increasing the output and export of merchandise in the future, BelTA learned from Grodno Oblast Governor Vladimir Kravtsov.

“Plans have been made to develop manufacturing projects based on locally available raw materials. Agribusiness is all about what we can grow on our own soil. And we grow these products well. They are our raw materials. Our grain harvest stays steady at 50 centners per hectare these days. We have gone beyond 1 million tonnes of milk that we send for processing. It is a good accomplishment. There are also good indicators in the animal husbandry industry,” said Vladimir Kravtsov. The official underlined that woodworking, furniture production and the production of construction materials based on local raw materials also look promising.

“Our job is to guide the construction industry towards the production of export commodities,” noted the Grodno Oblast Governor.

In the next five years the region intends to implement several other important projects. For instance, the chemical industry giant OAO Grodno Azot is busy preparing to build the second nitrogen facility.

“New economy branches are emerging. The nuclear power plant in Ostrovets is being built. It is necessary to set up a cluster of industrial enterprises and manufacturing projects that would effectively use cheap electricity. It will give our merchandise an edge and will allow us to develop and expand the choice of exports,” stressed Vladimir Kravtsov.

Asked about what the forthcoming fifth All-Belarusian People’s Congress may focus on, the Grodno Governor noted that priorities of the country’s development in the next few years will be high on the agenda. “By looking back at the results we have accomplished, we have to decide how we can proceed from now on. Certainly, all of us are interested in the comprehensive development of the country as a whole and our region in particular. The main task is to determine development priorities and approaches. Strategic avenues of development will be discussed during the fifth All-Belarusian People’s Congress,” concluded Vladimir Kravtsov.