About Dyatlovo District

The Diatlovo region is located in the south-east of Grodno oblast. It was founded on January 15, 1940. The area of the region is 1,500 square km. The population is 34,300 people with urban dwellers accounting for 47%. The average density of population is 23 people per 1 square km. The town of Diatlovo is the regional centre. The region includes the towns of Kozlovschina, Novoyelnia and Gezgaly, 223 villages and 13 rural councils.

In the north and west the region lies in the Neman hollow, in the east – by the piedmont of the Novogrudok upland. The relief is flat with predominating heights of 140-200 meters above sea level. The highest point (283 meters above sea level) is located to the North-East of Diatlovo town.

Mineral deposits: peat, sand and gravel, mortar sands, chalk, clays, gyttias, radon waters.

There is the River Neman with tributaries Molchad (flows into the Gezgalovskoye dam pond), Diatlovka, Schara and Podyavorka. The forests are prevailingly coniferous, occupy 42% of the region territory. The soils are sod-podzol, swamped sod-podzol, cespitose and cespitose-carbonaceous. The total area of farmland makes 66,100 hectares, with dried lands amounting to 14,600 hectares.