Belarus allocates over Br12m to support children returning to school

The Belarusian government has allocated over Br12 million to help parents purchase back-to-school essentials, BelTA learned from the Labor and Social Security Ministry.

“In July and August, the government spent more than Br12 million to help parents purchase back-to-school necessities. The total amount of various types of aid for these purposes made up Br18 million,” the ministry informed.

The bulk of the aid was allocated as part of the government program "Public health and demographic security of the Republic of Belarus” for 2016-2020 (subprogram “Family and Childhood”). This aid is provided to families raising three or more children. The amount of aid families receive varies depending on a region, however the aid for each school student should not exceed 30% of the minimum subsistence rate as of 1 August 2020 (the minimum subsistence rate is Br256.1)

In July-August such a one-off aid was provided to more than 94,000 families raising a total of 187,000 children. The total amount of aid was estimated at Br10.2 million, or approximately Br55 per child. Some 95% of families with many children have already received the money.

Under another program, low-income families with children are provided with a one-off allowance (the average of Br150) for the purchase of clothing, shoes, supplies, as well as monthly benefits (the average of Br43). A total of 4,100 families (about 10,000 children) have already received this aid to the amount of almost Br2.2 million.

Charity support and humanitarian aid was provided to 4,400 families (10,800 children) to the amount of Br157,000.

Trade unions and employers also help parents buy the necessary supplies. This kind of aid was provided to 43,400 families (82,200 children) to the amount of Br5.2 million.